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TOP Podcasts on Whistleblowers

Whistleblowing can be a lonely and dangerous journey fraught with doubt. Whether you’re dealing with the fallouts from whistleblowing or considering reporting unethical practices, it helps to draw inspiration from others who have gone through the same experience. A tremendously helpful medium in the digital age is whistleblower podcasts. Most of them are platforms created for and by whistleblowers for candid discussions and reports.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular whistleblowing podcasts that are currently out there:

Whistleblower of the Week

Hosted by FBI whistleblower Jane Turner, the podcast features conversations with a whistleblower every other week. Turner talks with whistleblowers about their lives, experiences, what led them to blow the whistle, and their life or fallouts after. Through in-depth conversations, Turner brings out each person’s courageous reasons for wanting to become a whistleblower in their respective fields.

The Whistleblower Newsroom

The Whistleblower Newsroom is a platform created by, about, and for whistleblowers. Your podcast host is award-winning investigative reporter Kristina Borjesson who has blown the whistle on US mainstream media and journalism for censoring the truth. Her podcast discusses uncomfortable, inconvenient truths on matters of national and international importance. It is also a platform for thought-provoking voices on pressing public concerns.

Whistleblower Revolution Podcast © (with NoStop Heidi Weber)

“The unstoppable” Heidi Weber takes listeners into the world of whistleblowers. Tune in as real whistleblowers, their lawyers, and other allies in the whistleblowing universe share their views and the latest news and trends. Discussions also bust myths and feature individual journeys – stories that will shock and inspire. These are stories of how whistleblowers find the strength to keep going despite the odds.


Whistleblower takes listeners inside one of the biggest scandals in NBA history. Sports journalist Tim Livingston spent eight years uncovering the truth behind the NBA betting scandal in 2007. Referee Tim Donaghy was arrested for betting on the games he would officiate. Despite the initial uproar, the scandal faded away from collective memory and into oblivion. Everyone in the industry had something to hide. Through the Whistleblower podcast, Livingston reveals how the scandal spanned beyond the unethical practice of one referee. It’s a story about enormous sums of money and conspiracy involving the who’s who in the NBA.

All Fact Up

In All Fact Up, whistleblowers share stories about speaking truth to power – the dangers, the purpose, and the undeniable responsibilities. Guest interviews are insightful for the general public and whistleblowers alike. Despite tackling numerous hard-hitting topics, the conversations are often humorous and entertaining.

Whistleblowing Now and Then

Whistleblowing Now and Then shines a spotlight on critical issues of the day for whistleblowers. The podcast is co-hosted by Anna Myers, Executive Director of WIN, and Vigjilenca Abazi, Assistant Professor of European Law at Maastricht University. It features engaging interviews with whistleblowers, experts, and advocates from different countries.

These podcasts are beneficial not just for whistleblowers, but for anyone who is curious and seeks more insight. Happy listening!

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